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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Neurological Impairment (cnbnewsnet)

Pet Tip of the Week

Neurological Impairment

Dawn Watson (cnbnewsnet)


   Some dogs have unexplained behavioral problems for which no amount of professional training succeeds. These dogs may have neurological impairments.

   Neurology is defined by as illnesses, disorders, and injuries that involve the nervous system. This includes the brain and spinal cord.

   If a dog shows signs of aggression when no reason can be found for the aggression, it may be that his brain is signaling ‘danger’ or ‘guard’. Likewise, he may be suffering from being abused, previously and have head trauma that never healed properly.

   I have seen dogs that had behavioral issues alone with a peculiar walk or shake of the head and suspected the problem was neurological in nature.

   If your dog suddenly or gradually acts in an unusual manner, it’s best to see your veterinarian. Keep in mind that drastic changes in a dog’s life may bring on behavior issues, so it’s possible this acting-out is temporary. However, it’s always best to get a professional opinion on your best buddy’s condition so that he can remain happy and healthy for a long time!

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