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Morristown High School junior Liam Shea got called into the principal’s office on Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 19.7.20Thursday.

His offense: Political satire.

School officials removed Shea’s five-foot graphic depicting a porcine President Trump clutching a snarling pussycat from the annual MHS Art & Design Show. 

Also removed was a painting of Trump on a missile, taking a selfie. Students were given an hour at Wednesday’s opening reception to whip up something for the theme “America Takes a Selfie.”

Shea said Principal Mark Manning “was very respectful. First he said, ‘I appreciate the risk you took, and it’s very well done … but other people weren’t too happy with this.'”

Manning declined to comment on Thursday evening.

The Trump graphic began as a pencil drawing for an art class assignment to make a political cartoon. Shea added pastels, and then used software to transform it into a computer-generated graphic.

Shea’s mom said she was disappointed, and then angry, that officials bowed to complaints.

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