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Austin Darrow

Tony Romo has announced his retirement and immediately signs with CBS as TV analyst. From what I’ve read, he isn’t coming back.

Romo realized that Dallas doesn’t need him anymore and they have Dak Prescott as their guy for the years to come.

For the people thinking he’s coming back, don’t get your hopes up. Just look at his track record, he doesn’t have a back, nor does he have a throwing shoulder.

I get it, people think he had two, maybe three years left in his career. But if you look at what happened today, he retired without any doubts.

I think he realized he can’t do it anymore. Romo didn’t want to play anymore, and he knew he couldn’t handle it.

Now he sits in a broadcast booth and no more Phil Simms is a good thing. CBS is doing something right by getting rid of Simms.

Romo is going to have to make an adjustment in the booth, I’m not sure if he’s ready and going to be a Troy Aikman on the air right away, but I think he’ll do fine.

What’s more intriguing is that teams didn’t really take a jab at him. The Broncos are sticking with their young guns, and the Texans are sticking with Tom Savage.

Either those teams are really smart or really dumb.

They could’ve easily brought Romo in and had a shot at the Super Bowl. They both have great Super Bowl defenses, with no quarterback. Romo could’ve been the savior.

Or maybe they knew he wasn’t going to be that guy we all think he would be. They knew they’d be throwing money down the drain on him, and that he wouldn’t start more than eight games before getting hurt.

There’s no reason the Texans are sticking with Tom Savage as opposed to Tony Romo, something is up or they have trust issues with big name free agent quarterbacks.

No team’s made a trade for him simply because they knew Dallas was going to release him at some point. So if any team had thoughts, they would’ve waited for him to be released.

Let’s talk about his career. Ask any Dallas fan and they’ll say he’s a Hall of Famer. Let’s stop with that talk.

He had a good career, not a great one or a legendary one. He was a good player for someone who was an undrafted free agent.

Since we all talk about quarterbacks and wins, which means Romo isn’t exempt from this talk. He doesn’t have the playoff wins to be called a great quarterback. He’s got a lot of wins in the regular season and a lot of come from behind wins, but where was he in the playoffs?

He isn’t top 25 in completed passes, yards, or yards/game. But he’s top five in passer rating so that’s got to count right? Wrong.

Matt Schaub and Chad Pennington round out the top 15 in that list. Troy Aikman ranks behind Sam Bradford. That stat is nothing, it’s a stat that makes you look good.

So Tony Romo is not a hall of famer, he went 2-4 in the playoffs. Those aren’t Hall of Fame numbers.