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Commentary: Harden is the NBA MVP

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Austin Darrow | CNBNewsnet


The debate is over for the NBA MVP. Realistically it should be LeBron James, but that’s a different story, and the media and NBA have already made their minds up about the two candidates being James Harden of the Rockets and Russell Westbrook of the Thunder.

Now Harden and Westbrook faced each other in the first round of the playoffs, and Harden did it with ease. You know why?

Not because he is more talented, but because he includes the other four players on the court. Westbrook couldn’t define the word team if he had a dictionary in front of him.

But he averages 10 assists a game so that counts for something right? He only cares until he gets that 10th assist, after that, those guys on the court will not see the ball.

There’s literally videos of his teammates just blatantly letting the ball drop and waiting for Westbrook to grab it so it can count as a rebound.

Let’s take a look at the stats of the playoff meeting between these two. We all know how terrible Westbrook was in the fourth quarter.

Westbrook was 14-49 on field goals in the fourth quarter (2-11 in Game 5). 4-21 from three point range in the fourth quarter. And need I say four assists. So yea he’s a team guy in the fourth quarter.

Hardens fourth quarter? 12-21 on field goals, 5-13 from three. Westbrook took 28 more shots and only made two more of them.

Westbrook was also 7-27 with five turnovers against Patrick Beverley. He is not top 10 point guard in the league and he shut him down.  

Did anyone hear his postgame interview? He brought up how many points he scored, his stats. He only cares for himself.

Fatigue is another thing that people have said about Westbrook. Announcers said he was fatigued and that’s why he was garbage in the final moments.

For starters, Westbrook has played less minutes this year than six other players in the playoffs. And he was 20th in minutes per game for the regular season.

LeBron plays practically every minute of the NBA Finals and still gets criticized. But Westbrook shoots 2-11 and the world makes an excuse and feels sorry for him.

How about the time when LeBron had cramps. My god, did the media blast him, and don’t lie and say you didn’t. Cramps is something we’ve all had, we know how awful they are, and there’s nothing we can do about them.

But he got blasted by everyone for that. Allen Iverson is the most closely relatable to Russell Westbrook. Iverson and Westbrook had ok pieces beside them.

Iverson played 46 minutes in the playoffs during his MVP year. Iverson also played in a tougher time when NBA players could be hit and had to go through some contact to score. He also went to back-to-back Game 7’s before he took on Kobe and Shaq in the Finals.

Was there a fatigue excuse for Iverson? Probably not. But the media blows up Russell Westbrook because he averages a triple-double, and doesn’t include his team in any of the games.

LeBron James gave up a last second shot, Paul George did the same. They know when they have to turn it on. But no, Westbrook is the best ever because he has so many triple-doubles.

That’s great. Triple-double is just a stat. LeBron James got one against the Pacers and not one person said a word about it. No why? It’s not that big of a deal.

So Westbrook, you keep doing you. You keep getting these types of numbers every night. But hey just remember, you’ll never win a title and you’ll never attract another star player.