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Report: Pennsylvania illegally funded police with more than $222 million of highway money

Pennsylvania violated its state constitution last fiscal year by diverting more than $222.2 million away from state roads and giving it to the state police, according to a report released by  the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee.

The Pennsylvania Constitution allows money from gasoline taxes, vehicle taxes and vehicle licensing fees to be used for maintaining safety of public highways and bridges. However, the report calculated that the state police spent $532.8 million on maintaining safety on those roads while receiving $755 million from the Motor License Fund.

The diverted funds would have otherwise been used to pay for construction or maintenance of the commonwealth’s roads.

Gov. Tom Wolf proposed implementing a $25 per-person fee on any municipality that relies solely on the state for its police protection. This would generate $63 million, not nearly enough to offset the current money illegally being diverted.