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COMMENTARY: Eagles Making Big Moves

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Austin Darrow | CNBNewsnet


The Philadelphia Eagles have been the noisemakers of this offseason so far. They made a huge move to get Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith. Chance Warmack is a solid placeholder on that struggling offensive line and Nick Foles returns.

The Eagles weren’t supposed to be this active in free agency. I expected them to get Jeffery at least and then do the rest on the draft board.

The Eagles WR’s for opening day are Jeffery, Smith, Jordan Matthews, Dorial Green-Beckham and Nelson Agholor.

I expect Beckham to be moved to clear up cap space, which would only be half a million dollars.


I think the Eagles should keep stocking up on offense because their defense is almost there. Carson Wentz needs as many weapons as he can get on offense.

The offense was terrible last season until Lane Johnson came back. Think about how great and how smooth their offense was with Johnson in the line-up.

I am praying Dalvin Cook is still on the board for the Eagles to draft. They would have filled most of their needs up on offense, minus the line. I like the way they’re going this offseason, and depending on how they draft this year, they could be a threat in the East.

I really like how they’ve spent their money on Smith and Jeffery. Smith was a very cheap pick up. The Eagles need the Baltimore Ravens Torrey Smith, not the Niners version. He was very good in Baltimore and was shaky with San Fran.

I like Jeffery on the one-year deal because he has been suspended by the league and injured over the last couple seasons in Chicago. If he runs into trouble with the league this year than the Eagles aren’t stuck with his contract.

It seems like he’s very excited to play with Wentz, and Wentz will have three solid receivers to throw to plus his tight ends. Jeffery is here for the long run as long as he doesn’t mess it up this season.

The Foles deal had me scratching my head. Chase Daniel, I thought, had a big impact on the development of Wentz. Wentz seemed to be a very good student to him.

Foles hasn’t really done much in the NFL since his exit from the Chip Kelly offense style. Don’t like the pickup that much.

As for their defense, I think they are fine. I like Jim Schwartz running that defense. He did a very good job with that group last season.

Of the seven playoff teams the Eagles played this year, they held two of those teams under their team passing yards average (Pittsburgh and Atlanta). They picked off those seven teams a combined eight times. Four of those seven teams were held to under 75 yards rushing.

The defense is there. They held a Pittsburgh offense to three points early in the year. They held the Super Bowl runner-up, Atlanta Falcons to 15 points.

The defense has potential and I like the direction they’re going in. Maybe they make a stab at Malcolm Butler for a top CB, but we remember the last time the Eagles brought in top CB’s. (Asante Samuel, Nnamdi Asomugha)

I’m not calling the Eagles Super Bowl contenders, but they could make a run at the East. The Redskins are a mess, the Giants are going to be a good team next year, the Cowboys are good, but they haven’t done much to get better.

The Eagles gave it to the Giants at the end of the season, when Lane Johnson was back in the line-up. The Cowboys played terribly against the Eagles at home, and some bad coaching decisions cost them a win.

The Eagles went 7-9 with a makeshift O-Line, a sloppy WR core and a cycle of RB’s. They faced a very tough schedule too.

This team should be good next season.