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Commentary: Trade Deadline Frenzy


Austin Darrow


NBA trade deadline frenzy is over until the offseason. Nerlens Noel was the only meaningful name to be traded, meanwhile, the Celtics had their opportunity to give the Cavs a run for their money and passed it up.

Brian Colangelo is slowly killing Hinkie’s process. Jahlil Okafor was supposed to be traded away and Embiid and Noel were going to be the dominant frontcourt for Philly.

Embiid and Noel worked well together on the floor compared to Embiid and Okafor. Noel will start right away for the Mavs.

The Sixers got a first round pick that’s protected to the 18th pick of the draft. The Sixers will not get that pick and instead it’ll turn into two second round picks. They also received Andrew Bogut and Justin Anderson.

Not sure what Colangelo’s play is here, but it isn’t something Hinkie would do. Bogut is not even going to be on the Sixers roster for more than a few days.

I just don’t see why Colangelo didn’t give up Okafor. Noel is worth more than two second round picks. He was being talked about for the Celtics pick in last year’s draft and Colangelo butchered it.

Colangelo has butchered the front office decisions over the past month.

The Celtics had their opportunity to land Paul George and passed up on it. This could’ve been the Pacers just getting cold feet and not wanting to get rid of him in hopes of getting a star this year in free agency and making the Pacers a solid team again.

As it sits right now, there’s no competitor for the Cavs. The Celtics were reluctant to give up Jae Crowder the other day and today they gave in and threw in the Brooklyn Nets pick which is going to be number one overall in the draft.

The top two picks off the board for this year’s draft are going to be PG’s and the Celtics have a star already at that position. I’m not sure why they weren’t willing to give that up.

Paul George is slightly better than Jimmy Butler and with his addition to the Celtics roster, the Cavs would’ve actually had to worry about an Eastern Conference team.

The Lakers stood no chance in landing George and they probably won’t land him via free agency in two years. They’ll need to show some progress in two years to attract George.

The Sixers lost big time in their Noel trade and the Celtics couldn’t land a guy who’d take them to the Conference Finals to face the Cavs.