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COMMENTARY: The NFL and MLB Hall of Fame Voting System is Flawed



Austin Darrow


I’ve wanted to argue this for a while now, and the Terrell Owens snub of the Pro Football Hall of Fame has triggered me into this. The NFL and MLB Hall of Fame’s voting system are flawed.

The NFL HoF voting committee consists of media members and two Hall of Famers. The MLB HoF committee consists of all media members.

Do you see the issue here?

The only eligible Hall of Fame voters is the two NFL Hall of Famers in the voting process. The other voters may have played the sport in high school, but now they outside of the rope. (Meaning they’ve never been inside the locker rooms)

The HoF voting committee has never been behind the rope. They don’t know how the locker rooms work.

Yea, sure they get inside the locker rooms, but they don’t know what actually happens in there. We only hear about what happens from guys who tell the media about it.

The immortality of a player’s career hangs in the balance of media members. If you put an NFL HoF voter on the spot and had them tell you the difference between a play, I guarantee they couldn’t.

How many of these members are at spring training or training camp? Not trying to diss any media member, but don’t you believe that Joe Montana has more knowledge in the game than a columnist?

The columnist has worked his way up from a beat reporter and barely covers practices. Every NFL HoF member said TO should’ve been in the Hall of Fame, but the committee is petty.

Members apart of the BBWAA (MLB voters) are the worst of them all. Some of these writers don’t cover the sport anymore, yet they have a say in an MLB player’s immortality.

Three people didn’t have Ken Griffey Jr. on their ballots, eight didn’t have Nolan Ryan, and nine didn’t have Hank Aaron. That’s a disgrace.

The people who should be voting are former players, broadcasters, coaches, GM’s and anyone who has been inside the locker rooms.

The Academy Awards have over 6,000 voters. All of which are a part of the industry. Over 1,000 actors vote for the best actors and directors for best directors.

The Grammy’s are voted by people within the music industry. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is voted by members of the music industry and artists, also every living HoF member is a part of the voting.

The MLB and NFL need to change its ways. The NFL has two current HoF members to vote for the guys looking to cement their legacies. Out of 48 voters, only two of them have legitimate credentials.

The BBWAA members don’t have to cover baseball once they are admitted to the association. They could become food critics after they’re admitted.

Curt Schilling lost votes because of his political stance, not because of his play. TO was snubbed again as the second-best WR in NFL history, because of his locker room habits and his off-field antics.

The MLB and NFL need to adopt the system of letting former players and/or current Hall of Fame members vote for the players looking to become immortal in their sport.