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Austin Darrow

Commentary copy 

Big stars are hitting the NFL free agency market and jaws are dropping. There’s a good chance that if you’re a fan of a team who is in dire need of that player, than you’re probably screaming for them to sign him and blow all the money they have on one player.

This is mainly about the Steelers locking up Antonio Brown and giving him $18.5 million per year. That’s a million dollars a week. The New England Patriots just won the Super Bowl and their entire WR core costs less than Brown’s yearly salary.

As a matter of fact, Brown’s yearly salary is more than most team’s pay their entire WR core. The Steelers just overpaid their own WR for no reason.

Brown is an elite WR and has proved it, but where was he against New England? WR’s aren’t that big of a factor, they can easily be taken out of the game.

The number one receivers teams pay for, are easily taken out of the game. QB’s are guys you can give that money to.

So when you see Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles or another star NFL player on the market, don’t go crazy and blow your money on them.

Like my good friend Matt Parr said, “Super Bowls aren’t won in free agency.”

The truest statement out there. The Patriots won with a QB they drafted and he’s brought five Super Bowls to the organization. Look at the Seahawks, Ravens, Packers or even the Saints.

If you still don’t believe me, than here’s some prime examples about free agency not winning Super Bowls. The top two teams in free agency last year were the Jaguars and the Giants. How’d they do?

The Jets and Jags were the top spenders the year before. Look at the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles, the “Dream Team” couldn’t go to the playoffs.

You can argue the Broncos with Peyton Manning, but he was a risk the Broncos took and the Colts had Andrew Luck sitting there at the number one spot.

The Super Bowl champions, the 10 plus wins per year teams go to the NFL Combine, Senior Bowl, watch films, have great scouting reports.

 The Patriots, Packers, Seahawks, Cowboys and Broncos are all top drafting teams, notice the difference? Those teams don’t look for the easy way out and try to spend money on free agents.

The lazy way is spending big bucks in free agency and having a mediocre draft every year. So to all you fans that want to spend a blasphemous amount of money for these stars; stop and worry about who your team is going to draft.