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New Mystery Novel Setting is Gloucester City (cnbnews.net)


THUMBNAIL_IMAGEGLOUCESTER CITY NJ (CNBNewsnet)--In the little town of Pi, the train is alive. That’s how you know you’re home.

   Gloucester City is becoming famous for its artists, authors, and musicians. Known as the Holy City for its many churches, lately, it is becoming known for its creative citizens.

   Dawn Watson, a citizen of Gloucester City for seven years, owns Brother of the Wolf, a dog training studio on Market Street. Between working with dogs and caring for her elderly mother full-time, she also writes mystery novels. Her novel, ‘Pi, Squared’, is now available at Amazon.com and through Amazon Kindle.

   “This isn’t my first rodeo,” said Mrs. Watson. “I have written many short stories and two other novels. While the short stories sold, this is my first published novel.”

   The story takes place in Pi, a town not coincidentally mirroring Gloucester City. Its characters are based on people Watson knows, personally.

   A book signing event will be announced, shortly. If you are interested in hosting an event please email brotherofthewolf@live.com.