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May 2008 Archives: Brooklawn Students Petition School Board to Save Mr. W’s Job

published May 2008

By John P. Schmidt | News Correspondent6a00d8341bf7d953ef01b7c78436c8970b-320wi


  The Brooklawn Board of Education BOE last week honored six former students who had been inducted into the National Honor Society at Gloucester City High School.

  Three of the six students were in attendance at the BOE meeting.

  Jessica Lindsay, Marisa Cooper and Brett Darrow received awards from Superintendent Dr. John Kellmayer. 

  Two current eighth grade students, Melissa Mackey and Meaghan Ryan, addressed the Board about the contract situation of longtime custodian John Waszewski, "Mr.W."

  The students urged the Board to reconsider reviewing his contract and talked about how nice Mr. W, is to all the students at Alice Costello School.

  Together the students gathered 61 signatures and presented their petition.

  Board President Bruce Darrow told Mackey and Ryan their petition would be considered when the Board makes a decision near the end of June.

  During the meeting Board Member Lisa Hirst commented on the May Fair.

  "The May Fair was a success and people were very generous with donations," Hirst said. "It was really fun for the kids and helpful to the PTA for class trips."

  Hirst asked the Board to delay voting on a recommendation approving admission of tuition for students in pre-K and kindergarten. This would allow Board members more time to review it.

  In other business, Darrow recognized the district's Business Administrator and Board Secretary Mary Ellen Glazer, who completed the payroll for the district for the first time. 

  Formerly the district used an outside firm to do their payroll, but decided to give the job to Glazer. This saves the district money.

  Darrow said the Board has formed a Strategic Planning Committee to plan for the future and determine what is best for the students and taxpayers of the Borough.

  The next BOE meeting will be June 19 in the Borough Hall.