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Terrell Owens To the Hall of Fame Is A No Doubter

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 18.47.54Austin Darrow | CNBNewsnet


The NFL Hall of Fame finalists have been announced and now the waiting game begins as they have to cut the final 18 players down to five before voting anyone in.

When the Hall of Fame committee cuts the final 18 members down to five, the final five must accumulate a minimum of 80% of the votes to make it to Canton, Ohio.

Each player that has made it this far has done their civil service for their teams and have done more than enough to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The one player I want to focus on is Terrell Owens.

Owens is second all-time in receiving yards and third all-time in receiving touchdowns. So this should be a no brainer for him to be inducted.

For some reason this is sparking tons of controversy on whether or not he should get in with the class of 2017.

Owens played for five different teams in his career (San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo and Cincinnati). He has had eight double digit TD seasons in his 14 year career.

He also led all of those teams in receiving, including a Bengals team that also had Chad Ochocinco. His eight seasons with the 49ers were spectacular.

He was just as good with Donovan McNabb and the Eagles. Then moved on to division rival Dallas Cowboys and made “Jerrys World,” TO’s World.

But what about his off the field issues? What about how he was mean to McNabb in Philadelphia?

If you want to take Owens’ off field issues, than I think we should take a look at another Hall of Famer.

This Hall of Famer is second in TD’s and yards at his position. Take a guess at who this is.

It’s Brett Favre. Favre had off the field issues just as bad as Owens. Favre wouldn’t mentor Aaron Rodgers during his time in Green Bay and battled addiction in Atlanta.

Favre’s final years were childish at how he left Green Bay and New York was just something we shouldn’t bring up. But, everyone looked at him as a good guy and the golden boy of the NFL.

No one wanted to make Favre wait, so why are we making Owens possibly wait? Favre isn’t the top five QB in NFL history. I’d put Owens as top three if not second best WR in NFL history.

Owens had his off the field issues, but it never conflicted his play. He still put up the second most yards by a receiver.

He even went to play in a Super Bowl for the Eagles with a broken leg and was the best player on the field. A broken leg, the guy should’ve been on the sideline watching, yet he went out there and put up over 100 yards receiving.

Owens should be put into the Hall of Fame. If he isn’t put in the Hall this year, than I’m not sure anyone else should be allowed to go in. The Hall of Fame voters should never be allowed to vote if they leave his name off the ballot.