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Austin Darrow



Trust the Process. Three words that have become a life quote to Philadelphians.

First introduced by Sam Hinkie, former GM of the Sixers, and now being played out by rookie Joel Embiid.

No one was really sure how Embiid would do this season after missing two years due to injuries. He’s the NBA Rookie of the Year as of right now.

Once the Sixers get their No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons on the court with Embiid, good god, Philadelphia will erupt.

As it stands right now, the Sixers will most likely land another top five pick in the draft, and on top of that, land the Lakers pick this year which will most likely be a top 10 pick.

Not only will the Sixers have Embiid and Simmons on the court by the end of this season, but they’ll also be able to get the remaining players they need to complete the process in this year’s draft.

Sam Hinkie died for this.

The Sixers are very young and have two potential superstars in Simmons and Embiid on their roster. That future isn’t so cloudy anymore after this year’s draft and free agency come and go.

Dario Saric could be a key role player for the Sixers. Robert Covington is progressing little by little. T.J. McConnell and Nik Stauskas could be valuable bench guys in the future.

This is all depending on whether or not the draft goes the way they want it to.

The Sixers were struggling to find a way to win last year, this year may be the same, but they’ve reached 11 wins faster than last year. I know they only had 10 last season, but it took them until late in the season.

This young team is starting to find ways to secure wins and they found a way on Wednesday night. As T.J. McConnell buried a buzzer-beater to beat the Knicks in a game where the Sixers trailed as many as 17 points.

The atmosphere on a Wednesday night for a 11-25 team in January was electric. That’s how excited this Sixers team is to watch.

Did I mention it was Shirley Temple Night as well?

The Sixers dished out Shirley Temples to the media to promote Joel Embiid’s All-Star campaign.

The same question is still being raised, “What’s going to happen with Okafor and Noel?”

As of right now, it looks like Okafor is the one on the way out of Philadelphia, not Noel. Noel was expected to be traded way back in last year’s draft, but here he is playing very well beside Embiid.

Both Okafor and Noel have had to take a seat behind the rising star status of Embiid. Okafor has handled it very maturely.

Okafor is playing a lot less than last year and scoring less, but he is handling it more mature than anyone would expect a second-year player too.

He hasn’t played the past two games, but it’s safe to say he’ll be playing a lot more if he gets traded. As of right now he just has to continue to be a great teammate and showcase himself.

There will be a team out there who pays top dollar for him at the deadline.

As for now, all Sixers fans can do is keep voting for Embiid to get into the All-Star Game and keep Trusting the Process.

The Sixers will reach that goal that Hinkie set up years ago, and they will get to see Simmons play alongside Embiid soon.

Philadelphia finally has something to be happy about.