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CNBNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Political Activist Wil Levins President of the Gloucester City Democratic Club


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GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--Political activist Wil Levins will be installed as president of the Gloucester City Democratic Club, tonight (Monday). Levins was a former CNBNews columnist (On Point by Wil Levins) who ran for city council in 2009 as an Independent. In 2011 he ran for state assembly as a Republican. Levins, the former chairman of the Gloucester City Republican Club, has been a member of the Democratic Club since 2013.

Over the years there have been a number of local Republicans and Independents politicians who have switched to the Democrat side of the aisle for one reason or another. For turning their back on their former colleagues many of those individuals ended up with a well-paying job in Gloucester City or elsewhere in South Jersey. 

Levins was asked if he had been promised a job or anything else for changing political parties.  

“No new employment for me.  I just celebrated my 12th year at the Philadelphia refinery. Love my job, love the people I work with, no plans to change. ”

 Asked why he changed political parties Levins said, “Actually I was democrat, independent, republican and a democrat again. I was a registered democrat from 1992 until 2009. During that period I was a member of the democrat club and a Democratic Party committee member before taking a hiatus when my daughter was born. I became an Independent for a year (run for Council), a Republican from 2010 until early 2013, briefly an Independent again, then back home as a Democrat in late 2013...did a political 360 degrees.”

“Two things made me change. I realized I was way too socially liberal to remain a Republican. Fiscally I may lean conservative but socially I could not abide the GOP's direction, as I am pro-union, pro same-sex marriage, pro marijuana legalization, pro-choice etc.  And many of the friends I had made in the Democrat Club before my hiatus had started to return to the Club. I was excited to be welcomed back amongst them.

Levins said he had no plans to run for a political office in the immediate future. “I see the huge amount of time and level of commitment our elected officials give in performing their civic duties and I am not prepared to afford that much of my personal time yet.” 

Levins said club officers and club members have no influence over mayor and council. “The Democrat Club is a support and civic service organization.”

He is replacing the former president, John Hutchinson, who is a city councilman and a retired Gloucester City cop. Other officers include George Berglund, a school security guard who is also a former Gloucester City cop. Roseann Michel is club treasurer and Gina Levins is club secretary. City Democratic Chairman is Jim Rauchut.

Democrat Club meetings are the third Monday of the month at 7:30 pm at the club headquarters 8 N. Broadway.  “We welcome all to come join us for a meeting and only ask they come on time and in the spirit of fellowship,” Levins said.





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