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Mike Tomlin Is the Problem In Pittsburgh

Austin Darrow


Wild Card weekend is finally over and thank god. The games were boring and no team other than the Packers were really surprising.

It’s tough to criticize the games when the Raiders and Dolphins didn’t have their starting quarterbacks. The Texans have Brock Osweiler and Matthew Stafford’s finger wasn’t healed.

So four teams didn’t have a QB or he wasn’t 100% healthy.

The one team I want to dial in on is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers beat the Dolphins in a blowout if you go by the score, but remember the Dolphins were without Ryan Tannehill.

Matt Moore was the starting QB for Miami. Had he not turned the ball over three times, Miami wins this game.

Or if Tannehill is the QB, Miami is moving on and not Pittsburgh.

The thing is, the Dolphins were never out of this game. The Steelers didn’t impress me whatsoever. Yes Le’Veon Bell ran all over the Dolphins and Antonio Brown had over 100 yards receiving in five receptions.

Brown only had 12 yards on three catches after having 112 on two catches.

Both teams had the same amount of first downs. Third down efficiency was the same. Yards weren’t far apart.

I place the blame on head coach Mike Tomlin. Also his assistant coach, Joey Porter, got arrested.

Tomlin before this game had won one playoff game in the last five years. He escaped this one, because the Dolphins were down their starting QB and Moore couldn’t hold on to the ball.

Tomlin has the best RB and WR in the league and a first ballot HOF QB at his disposal. Yet he’s won one Super Bowl, because he inherited that team.

Let me remind you the Steelers play in the same division as the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens.

That’s a guaranteed five wins a year, giving one to Baltimore. Tomlin has won that division five out of ten times in his career.

He was given the best defense and could only secure one Super Bowl win. That Super Bowl is because Santonio Holmes made one of the greatest catches ever, while Roethlisberger made the best throw I’ve ever seen.

Steelers haven’t gotten past the Divisional round since 2010. This year could be different, but don’t bet on it. Need I remind you he lost to Tim Tebow?

Why isn’t anybody criticizing Tomlin?

It’s probably because he won a Super Bowl and that’s his security blanket. The Steelers looked terrible on Saturday, they didn’t look like a Super Bowl team.

The Dolphins win that game if Tannehill plays.

Moore still completed 80% of his throws against the Steelers. If Moore did that, than God help them against Alex Smith and the Chiefs, in Kansas City.

The Steelers played against a banged up defense in Miami, who oh by the way beat them at home earlier in the year, and now face that tough Chiefs defense.

This isn’t the same Chiefs team that got thumped by them earlier either.

Tomlin is the problem in Pittsburgh, he’s not a good coach like everyone says he is. He’s a good cheerleader, but remember he tripped a guy on a return and now his assistant has been arrested.

He needs to get things straightened up or else this weekend won’t be pretty in Kansas City.