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Le'Veon Bell's Comparing Himself to Steph Curry is Pure Delusion


Austin Darrow | CNBNewsnet


Le’Veon Bell came out and said that he’s changing the game of football like Steph

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courtesy Golden State Warriors

Curry is with basketball. He is right about Curry, but wrong on himself.


Take a seat Bell, you’re not revolutionizing the game in any way.

Bell is a very good running back and I’m not here to discredit him in any way. I am here to say how crazy he is for thinking he’s revolutionizing football.

He is one of the most patient runners in the game, yes, but not the first. There have been players with similar patience in the backfield, but none as extreme as Bell’s.

He makes defenses miss by using that patience and being able to find the hole.

But, what Curry is doing in the NBA is incredible.

You walk around to any basketball game, whether it be a pick-up game or an organized game, and you’ll see kids throwing up bombs. Why? Because Curry does it.

Go watch kids play football and tell me if you see them play like Bell.

Every little kid wants a Curry jersey, they all want to be able to have the ball handling skills like him.

Every kid wants the best player’s shoes or whatever they wear kids will wear. I see 10-year-olds playing with armbands. Why? Because LeBron plays with one along with other star caliber guys.

They want to be able to just run up to a defender and throw up a shot and watch it go in.

There are people saying they should move the three point line back because of how easy Curry makes it look from 30 feet deep. Think of other players who made an impact in the NBA.

Iverson’s crossover, Magic’s incredible passing, Shaq has a rule named after him and Kareem’s skyhook is still replicated by people who weren’t alive to watch him. The list can keep going.

Heck, everyone yells “Kobe” when shooting an object.

Now think of revolutionary NFL players.

One comes to mind for me, Michael Vick. The guy had the speed and agility of a running back and a canon of an arm.

Coaches from all around and at all levels thought of trying this out with their teams. Maybe their running back can throw the ball 25 yards, but at the same time pick up 20 if the pocket collapses.

When kids go out and play with their friends, they throw up shots like Curry or try to break kid’s ankles with ball handling skills like Curry or Kyrie.

No kid goes out with their friends and plays patient.

Bell is a very good running back, arguably the best in the game, but he isn’t revolutionizing anything.