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LeBron Finally Speaks Out on His Critics

Austin Darrow


Cue Michael Scott screaming “this is happening,” because LeBron James has finally spoken out against the criticism he’s faced. You can tell he’s finally fed up with the criticism he has taken throughout his career, unfortunately for Charles Barkley, he was the one who sparked this.

Barkley came out and said James isn’t a competitor, because he wanted more players on his team. Here’s what Barkley isn’t understanding; James isn’t asking for the top players, he just wants someone better than Kay Felder.

James is 33 and leads the league in minutes played. He shouldn’t be doing that at his age. James isn’t asking for Russell Westbrook or James Harden, he’s asking for a Matthew Dellavedova type guy.

Barkley may have been old, but he played with Olajuwon and Drexler in Houston. He can’t sit back and say James isn’t a competitor.

Let’s not forget Barkley ruined his friendship with Jordan, because he took shots at him.

James, like he said, has represented the NBA respectively in all his years of playing. James is better than Barkley ever was and he’s right; he shouldn’t have disrespected him like that.

I’m glad to see James go back at a critic. I don’t want to say Barkley got in his head, but it was Barkley who was the tipping point.

I just don’t know how people disrespect greatness. LeBron is the greatest player of this generation and he is getting disrespected. All because he left an awful Cavaliers team to go play with Bosh and Wade?

Come on, MJ needed Pippen. The only thing people have on James is that he wasn’t “loyal.” He never got in trouble off the court. He’s a literal icon and role model.

This could’ve been avoided if Barkley didn’t make this personal. Barkley could’ve easily critiqued his game, not his life.

Barkley doesn’t know what it’s like to be the guy of the NBA, he was maybe top ten of his era, not top three or even the best.