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COMMENTARY: LeBron Complains About Lack of Bench Production


Austin Darrow


Name me a team who had a “Big 3” and had a solid bench. I guarantee you can’t.

LeBron James has come out and called out the management for not having bodies on the bench, and he is allowed to since he practically runs the team. I’m not saying he’s lying, because the Cavs bench is disastrous.

Now I am a big LeBron fan, but let’s be honest here, he can’t be complaining about his teams needs when they have no money.

The Cavs have the highest payroll in the league and have zero dollars of cap room. LeBron shouldn’t have taken all that money if he wanted better role players.

Look back at the Miami Heat rosters with Wade, Bosh and James. The bench was awful.

Why? The Heat only made enough cap space to satisfy all three players. Those three didn’t need the money that badly.

Look at the Warriors roster right now. They gave away their entire bench and two starters just to get Kevin Durant on the roster and they aren’t as good as last year.

Even go back to the Celtics days in the late 2000’s, they struggled off the bench. There’s no reason for LeBron to be complaining about the lack of depth on the roster if the team can’t make any moves.

If LeBron, Love and Irving need depth on the roster that badly, then they shouldn’t have taken all that money.

Let’s be real, LeBron has a lifetime deal with Nike. Money is not a problem for that man. Is there a reason Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith are being paid over $15 million a year?

Even Iman Shumpert is being overpaid. With the NBA just dishing out money like it’s nothing, those contracts aren’t that bad.

LeBron could’ve easily said he was going to take less to try and help the team get better. They’ve got a good starting five on paper, but the bench is a bunch of washed up guys and no names.

Tim Duncan took a pay cut of $11 million dollars to try and help his team get another title. Jerome Bettis took a pay cut the year the Steelers won the Super Bowl (2005). An aging Shaq took a pay cut when he played with the Heat.

Jered Weaver gave the Angels a hometown discount. So why wouldn’t LeBron give the Cavs a hometown discount?

LeBron can’t complain about the bench when he could’ve taken a pay cut.

Steph Curry will get an extension this year and it will be interesting if he takes a pay cut to try and help their struggling bench.

Like I said, the Cavs do need help on the bench, but they’ve got no money, theyre over the cap.

I love LeBron just as much as the next guy, but don’t complain about the bench if you’re taking all the cash.