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UPDATED JAN. 17, 2017:

Fox News Investigative Report on Johnson Incident Set for 10 PM Tonight on Channel 29



GLOUCESTER CITY NJ (January 16, 2017)(CNBNewsnet)--Jeff Cole, an
investigative reporter for  Fox News 29 Philadelphia, along with a camera crew were seen riding 
the streets of Gloucester City in recent weeks.

According to sources, Cole was making inquiries into a matter involving Michael Johnson, the Gloucester City public works employee who was arrested in October on third-degree burglary charges.   

The same sources said they saw Cole interviewing Johnson on camera last week. 

We have been told Cole's investigative report about the incident will premiere 10 PM tonight (Monday) on Fox News Channel 29.

CNBNews broke the exclusive story about the episode on November 28, 2016.  We had received an anonymous tip stating that Michael B. Johnson, age 37, a Gloucester City Public Works employee, and a resident of Gloucester City was arrested in October and charged with burglary. After further investigation, we obtained a copy of the complaint/warrant which stated in part that the "defendant did within the jurisdiction of this court, commit burglary by entering the structure of Aaron Ellin at 904 Somerset Street  which was not open to the public at the time and which defendant was not licensed or privileged to enter, with purpose to commit an offense therein."

All charges against Johnson, the son of City Councilman James “Bowie” Johnson were dismissed by the Camden County Prosecutors Office. The reason for that dismissal was never given.

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