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APRIL 2008 ARCHIVES: Dr. Vitola School Physician since 1988

published April 21, 2008


Editor's Note : I contacted Dr. Vitola on Monday via email about the possibility that he may not be reappointed to the job of school physician for the district of Gloucester City.

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Photo:  Dr. Vitola, right with  Dr Walter Poprycz at a GHS football game.

This is his response.

 Hi Bill,

As I mentioned, a classmate from GHS, class of '69 brought this to my attention on Friday afternoon, April 11, 2008.I was totally unaware that the superintendent was planning not to re-appoint me as school physician, for what reason, I have no idea.

To answer your questions, I have had the honor and privilege of being a Gloucester City school physician since 1988.When I started, replacing Dr. Kelly, Dr. Brennan became senior school physician. Doctor Brennan advised me to attend the home football games to assist and aid any injuries on the field. I have attended every home football game and a few away games for the past twenty football seasons.

I consider myself part of the football team staff and I am proud to be associated with Lions Football. The coaches and players have a lot of heart and drive and are proud to represent Gloucester City, and they appreciate my presence.

Along with attending the home games, the team and I have had the added benefit of my friend, Dr. Walter Poprycz, M.D., an orthopedic specialist in sports medicine who attended the home games with me for the enjoyment of the game.

Thanks for your interest.