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Dawn Watson | CNBNewsnet


  Kiss Your dog is able to speak to you with his body; the trick is to be able to understand what he’s saying.

   If a dog’s ears have been cropped or his tail has been docked he may be unable to express himself with them. If a dog has an intact tail a short, choppy wag indicates unease or the beginning of an attack. Tails that wag in a wide arch or in frenzied, back and forth motions mean that the dog is excited and happy. If a dog has intact ears and they are standing upright or ‘perked up’, the dog is alerting or listening carefully. If the ears are flattened it may indicate that he is frightened or willing to submit.

   If your dog has had a litter, please consider allowing the tails and ears of the puppies to be left as nature intended them. To cut or chop them is unnecessary and takes away the dogs’ natural means of expression.

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