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EDITORIAL : The Proof is in the Numbers
Gloucester County Prosecutors Office Releases Result of Two Year Officer Diversity Initiative

APRIL 2008 ARCHIVES: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly for March & April


Bill's Point of View: 

JEER-Once again vandals are destroying the Fort Nassau playground located at the Johnson Blvd. jogging track in Gloucester City. Most recently they sprayed painted the words "Die N$%%er" and a swastika along with many curse words on some of the park equipment. The only way this is going to stop is to close down the Fort altogether. Move the equipment across the street to the Martin Lake Park. The vandals seem to stay away from that area because the park is surrounded by residential homes. While on the other hand the Fort is located in an area that is hard for the police to patrol because of all the foliage.

CHEER –The borough of Mount Ephraim has a new community website. The redesign was completed with the help of volunteers and resulted in no costs to the Borough. Special Kudos to Jeff Vilardo and Bernice Alibrando for the countless hours they put in. To view the site go to

CHEER –The Wing eating challenge between the Gloucester City Police Department and the Gloucester City Fire was a huge success. Proceeds benefited the Camden County Heroes Scholarship Fund. was the corporate sponsor. The Fire Guys: Jerry Hubbs, Chris Oliver, Chris Ryan, Curt Dillon, Pat Hagan and Anthony Bramble. For the police the team consists of Brian Morrell, Doug Ziegler, Bob Lee, Jimmy Little, Billy "Goober" Johnson and Steve Burkhardt. Thanks guys for being great sports.

CHEER – Gloucester City's Annual Clean-Up Day held earlier this month. Thank you to all the volunteers that made this event a success once again. 

CHEER-The Gloucester City Lions Club for continuing the practice of mailing to residents an explanation on how much the organization receives from their Annual White Cane Drive.  The organization explains how it spends the donations they receive down to the very penny. People have a right to view annual financial disclosures from each group that solicits donations from the public. Kudos to the Lions Club for leading the way.

CHEER-A Brooklawn resident wrote that the Public Works employees in her community deserve Kudos for being polite and courteous to borough residents. "They go out of their way to help the people.  And they always place the empty trash containers back on the sidewalk in an upright position."

JEER-I don't know how you feel but I  am sick and tired of seeing the political commercials televised every 15 minutes for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton .and Tom McCain. These annoying political spin announcements have been running now for nearly 20 months. And most of us realize that whoever is elected to the office be it Democrat or Republican they end up being no different than the person they replaced. Promise the voter the world to get elected; but forget your promises once in office.

CHEER-It was reported recently in the AARP magazine…… government competence is the top concern of voters 50 and older. There is only one solution writes Dean Brittain……..a national constitutional amendment for term limits.  If politicians get only a short time in office and then have to live with the results of their decisions like everyone else, they will make decisions we can all live with.

THE UGLY-That title goes to every person who ever stole monies from a local fundraiser, such as the Softball Marathon, Mustangs Candy Sale or a Little League treasury.  You never hear these individuals make a public apology for their wrong doing.  Not only do they discredit the organization but they also destroy the reputation of their family.  The courts are so lenient in punishing these thieves' it is no wonder the crime continues to be repeated time and time again. 

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