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Austin Darrow I CNBNewsnet


The college football bowl season is upon us and it is under lots of scrutiny, between stars sitting out to prep for the draft and because of the sole factor that they’re meaningless games.

The NCAA has these bowl games for one reason and one reason only, the money. The student-athletes are being forced to play these games, which does not matter whatsoever.

There’s only one way to fix all of this and that’s to get rid of every bowl game that comes before the New Year’s six bowl games.

I bet you couldn’t name more than five bowl games that come before New Year’s Day. There’s 34 bowl games that are played from December 17th-30th (One of those are played on Jan. 2nd).

Of those games there’s 17 teams with a .500 record and two with a below-.500 record. There’s 19 teams right there who are undeserving of a final consolation game.

This is the problem with society, we tell those teams who can’t produce an above .500 record during the season that they still have the chance at being winners. We give every child a trophy during little league baseball for participation.

That’s what these bowls have become to these student-athletes, participation trophies. They get rewarded because they gave it their all during the season.

Do you believe these players want to play in those games? No player starts their season off saying they are aiming for the Foster Farms Bowl, bet you didn’t even know that was a real bowl game.

The NCAA strips these student-athletes away from their families for the holidays and worse, strips them away from studying for their finals, which are usually the last few weeks of December.

You can’t tell the players to focus on their school when you’re forcing them to play in a bowl game that gives them one more win on the year and a participation trophy.

The NCAA tries to give everyone a fair shot, but the same teams win the big five power conferences every year. Michigan and Ohio St. are expected to win the Big Ten next year, Oklahoma the Big 12, Alabama the SEC, Florida St. and Clemson the ACC, USC the Pac-12.

It’s the same team’s year in and year out, so why keep trying to make Iowa or South Carolina look better on their record?

People who go to these bowl games are either family or friends of the players or really like football and have nothing better to do that day. The games are unwatchable on TV and the teams are even worse.

So back to how to fix all of this. The NCAA makes teams play nine in-conference games and one trash bag game against a weak opponent you know you’ll beat to start the season. Or they play against a tough out of conference team to pad their resume. After that, the conference championships and the seasons over.

Than after that you play six bowl games: Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Peach Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl. Be honest, outside of those games, do you really care about the rest?

Those six games would be played by the 12 best teams in the nation. You don’t give Western Michigan of MAC a chance, unless they are a legit team.

That would be 10-11 games every year for every team. Each playoff team has the chance at playing 15 games this season. That’s one less than the NFL, and without being paid.

You want to watch the Rose Bowl (Penn St.-USC), Orange Bowl (Florida St.-Michigan) and the two playoff games. Other than that, as of right now the Cotton and Sugar Bowl are going to be bad.

The bowl games are for money and taking time away of the student-athletes from the academics and families during the holidays.

The NFL stars sit out during the pre-season games and no one has a problem there. You know why? Those games are meaningless and are played before the season.

The NCAA puts their meaningless games at the end of the season, aka the bowl games.

There’s no upside to the student-athlete playing these games. If you make a New Year’s six game, then you’re a legit team and the cream of the crop.

The NCAA should get rid of every game but the six mentioned and change their season to 10-11 games a year pending on the team’s performance and everyone is happy.