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Ribbon cutting ceremony at Memory Walk, Proprietors Park. — with William Dilks, Walter Jost, Jay Goheen, Tom Matthews, Nancy Baus, Daniel Spencer, William James, Carol Lynn Carey-Lee and Joe Hargesheimer (photo by William E. Lee Jr.)


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet


A ceremony marking the opening of the Gloucester City Memory Walk at Proprietors Park, King Street, and Jersey Avenue was held on December 10. People can purchase a commemorative brick for $45. The money raised will be used to help with the costs for the city’s 150th anniversary of its incorporation (1868) and the 400th anniversary of its settlement (1623)  in 2023.


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The first block of commemorative bricks was installed by public highway workers earlier this month. The long-range plan calls for 5000 commemorative bricks to be laid on the walkway from King Street to the river. (photo provided)

 Joe Hargesheimer, a member of the city’s celebration committee said, “We will be having other fundraisers, such as a plate with historical photos of Gloucester City. Our aim is to have some great things going on during the two celebrations without it being a burden on the taxpayers. This is shaping up to be a very lovely walkway and project. It is giving a lot of people a chance to share memories of their loved one.”


Hargesheimer said, “The first installed block of bricks is just off King Street across from where Friedman's Store used to be, and all will be in the walkway surrounding the Sadie statue. Once that area is filled we will proceed to the walkway behind the statue leading to the river area. There is room for 5,000 bricks. ”

According to Hargesheimer the next set of bricks to be installed in January is a collection of city veterans killed in military action, including Cpl. Marc Ryan killed in Iraq in 2004 to Revolutionary War spy Sarah Harrison-Hugg.

 To access the Gloucester City memory brick form click here

CHRISTIE'S REVENGE--A new state law that will have a drastic effect on the finances of newspapers in the state of New Jersey is up for a vote on Monday in the Legislature.  Bill S-2855, would end the requirement for legal notices to be published in daily and weekly newspapers by local, county and state governing bodies.

 Some have called it Christie’s Revenge Bill against the print media.

 Last Thursday in Trenton publishers, union representatives, environmental activists, residents and others lined up to rail against the bill that they said could result in the loss of as many as 300 jobs, force some publications to shut down and hand governments a lever with which to strong-arm local newspapers, according to

“It’s been characterized as a thumb in the eye of the dailies,” said Stephen Parker, co-publisher and general manager of New Jersey Hills Media Group, which publishes newspapers in four counties. “It’s a shotgun blast to the weeklies.”

Lawmakers in favor of the bill argued that it would be a money-saver for municipalities and their taxpayers despite the fact that it was introduced and voted on with such haste that the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services has not had time to conduct a cost analysis.

Assemblyman John Burzichelli, D-Gloucester, who voted in favor of the measure, also questioned the usefulness of printed legal notices in an increasingly digitized media environment and an era of declining print circulation.

"There are some things that are simply inevitable and that is the electronic world is not going away," he said. "The serving of public notice is critical to democracy, but we are not serving public notice if there's no circulation."

The bill was introduced on December 12 as part of a package that included a measure to allow Governor Christie to earn income from a book deal while in office in exchange for raises for lawmakers’ staffs, judges, county prosecutors and other officials. That bill, too, moved through Senate and Assembly committees on Thursday.

The legal notices measure would give governments the option to publish such public records as budgets, bids for services and meeting announcements online as opposed to in print. Under current law, governments and some private entities are required to publish such notices in locally circulated newspapers. The rates for legal notices are set by statute and have not risen since 1983.

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ET CETERA—Another rumor is being circulated about the Metro Diner in Brooklawn being sold once again to make way for a Super Wawa and a McDonalds. Earlier this week we contacted a spokesperson for the dinner who said, “Rumors and offers go back and forth for years now. But we are still here.”  The same rumor that the diner was sold was circulating in January 2015. (See The Metro Is Here to Stay)

 The present owners purchased the property in 2009 and spent mucho dollars on renovating both the outside and the inside of the property. (See A New Look and A New Name for Ponzio's Diner)  (photo CNBNews)

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