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National Republican Congressional Committee press release

It’s been 4 days since we found out Hillary Clinton is back under FBI Imagesinvestigation. Now that we know the FBI obtained a search warrant, demonstrating probable cause that a crime was committed related to Hillary Clinton’s emails, when will Steve Santarsiero break his silence?




Steve Santarsiero takes support of presidential nominees very seriously. He recently said, “I think that’s an important issue in this campaign because it goes to the issue of judgment.” So, in the interest of Steve’s judgment, we have a few questions he should answer.


Does Santarsiero think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy? Will Santarsiero withdraw his support of Clinton? Will Santarsiero call on Clinton to drop out of the race? Does Santarsiero agree or disagree with President Obama that FBI Director James Comey is not trying to influence the election? 


NRCC Comment: “Steve Santarsiero has tried his hardest to make the race in Pennsylvania’s 8th District about the top of the ticket instead of what he would do in Congress, so now it’s time for him to answer for Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation. Does Santarsiero still stand behind FBI target Hillary Clinton, who recently had her email scandal show enough probable cause of a crime to have a judge grant the FBI a search warrant?” –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack