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Eagles Season in Shambles After Monday Night's Loss


Austin Darrow | CNBNewsnet


(PHILADELPHIA PA)(November 29, 2016)--After a 3-0 start and playoffs an actual possibility, the Philadelphia Eagles have won only two games out of their last eight.

That’s not surprising to some, but it’s a little shocking at how fast they have regressed. Their loss on Monday Night Football was a crushing blow to the season and their playoff hopes.

The Eagles could win out and win 5 in a row to go 10-6, but that’s very unlikely, and one to two more wins is more likely for the Eagles.

Carson Wentz’s first three games were spectacular, he played like a No. 2 pick in the draft should play. Since that he hasn’t really played great, as a matter of fact he’s regressed.

Wentz has shown flaws like any rookie quarterback will, but he’s been quietly terrible after his hot start. He’s thrown eight interceptions and five touchdowns post-bye week.

Wentz ranks among the worst quarterbacks in the NFL and there’s only so many excuses you can make for him. His receivers have stunk to say the least, but they have no control over his interceptions.

I’m not saying he isn’t the future of this team at that position, but we can’t ignore how bad he’s been recently.

The Packers loss was the worst of the season, because the Packers team is depleted. They have been absolutely terrible this season and played last night without six starters and some backups.

The Eagles offense was mediocre last night, but their defense was worse. No sacks, no turnovers and they just kept handing the Packers points.

The Packers started at their own four-yard line in the fourth quarter and drove for a field goal and chewed eight minutes off the clock. Third down after third down, the Eagles kept giving life to the Packers offense.

They couldn’t get off the field. They had the Packers on numerous third and longs, which resulted in scores.

The Eagles have five games left in the season to figure it out and show this town the heart they have. They face the Bengals, Redskins, Giants, Ravens and Cowboys in their final games of the 2016-17 season.

Playoffs are out of the picture for this season and jobs are going to be won and lost for next season in these next five weeks.