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Rise of the Hackers-for Online Gambling Rights


(CNBNewsnet)(November 9, 2016)--A group of activists blocked the work of the Governmental Internet resources in the Czech Republic.

The most powerful DDoS-attack was recorded in the Czech Republic at the end of the last week. Activists of a cyber-communities have joined forces to block the activity of the government website of the Senate, which is the upper house of Parliament of the country.

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Hackers explained their action by excessively rigid, in their view, policy towards unlicensed gambling sites. Recently in the Czech Republic, most of such resources were blocked, regardless of the jurisdiction of the gambling house and the country of registration of the domain name. Hackers threaten with new attacks if the state does not cease to put obstacles for gamblers.

This tense situation was provoked by the fact that at the end of May the Czech Senate accepted an amendment that allows blocking any sites bodies of internal affairs in any order, without parliamentary inquiries and court decisions. But the parliamentarians themselves stress that after the completion of an online casino licensing procedure under the new rules (including a one-time fee of 3 million. Euros and an increase in income tax to 35%) gambling leisure fans will be even more convenient and easier to spend free time for their favorite games.

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