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Who Are the Best CEOs Today? What Can We Learn from Them?


(CNBNewsnet)(November 29, 2016)--There is no definitive way of ranking the world’s best CEOs. Some use company performances and bottom lines to rank CEOs. Others, like Washington State University, focus on innovations and how these top executives are leading the mobile revolution. Among the top names are Tim Cook and Larry Page, CEOs at the two most influential tech companies in the world: Apple and Alphabet (Google). Both CEOs have introduced a lot of innovations in recent years, changing the way we interact with mobile devices greatly.

With both of these CEOs, one of the best things we can learn from them is their approach towards innovation. Innovation doesn’t always mean change. Sometimes, it means taking something good and refining it to provide a much better experience. The same approach is being taught in online executive MBA programs at top universities.


You can learn more about Tim Cook and Larry Page, along with other influential CEOs and the mobile revolution, from this infographic by onlinemba.wsu.edu.

Washington State University Online

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