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Which Type of Web Hosting Is Best for You?

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(CNBNewsnet) September 19, 2016--When it comes to hosting your website, there is a range of different web hosting companies and plans available. Before you make a decision on a host for your website, it’s essential to research and understand the different options available to you, in order to ensure that you make the right choice for your site or business. Not only is it important to understand the type of hosting that your business website needs, but also the type of server required. Your final decision will also depend on other factors, for example your budget and the type of customer support that you require. 


Free Website Hosting

Free hosting for websites is usually not a good idea for businesses, but can be a great choice for those who are simply making a website for fun or as a hobby, or want to try out the idea of having a business website without an extra cost. However, as tempting as free web hosting may be, it’s definitely not a good idea if you’re hoping to make some serious money from your website. This is because free web hosting is often on a server shared with a large number of other sites, and subsidised by ads to cover the cost – not a great experience for your users. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is often quite a cost effective option, and is offered by a range of reputable companies which offer quality, but cheap web hosting . One of the more popular options chosen by small and local businesses, a shared hosting environment means that you will share a server with a range of other website owners, including the physical server and the software applications within it. Shared hosting services are often the most cost effective option for small business and website owners, as the cost of the server is shared between yourself and the other website owners. However, if you’re considering opting for shared hosting, don’t forget to consider the possible downsides, such as website downtime during peak times. 

Cloud Hosting

For website owners who are looking for a hosting services that is similar to shared hosting but with less possible downsides, cloud hosting can be a good alternative to consider. A very cost effective option, cloud hosting can be a great choice for business owners as it offers the advantage of your site being hosted on a network of different servers, meaning that there are always others to take up the slack if one goes down. Because of this, websites hosted on the cloud experience little to no disruption of speed during peak times and a lower risk of website downtime. Along with that, cloud hosting is highly flexible, providing a good option for business owners who have big future plans for growth and development. 

Choosing a web hosting provider for your site is more of an important decision than you may think. Making sure that you choose the right web host is vital, as a good web host can help your website and business become more successful.