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I'm proud to announce my unequivocal support for Steve Sweeney for Governor as well as the enthusiastic support of the leadership of the following member unions of the New Jersey State Construction and Building Trades Council: Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen; Boilermakers; Carpenters; Cement Mason's; Carpenter Floorlayers; Dockbuilders; Elevator Constructors; Glaziers; Electrical Workers; Ironworkers; Insulators; Marble Cutters; Operating Engineers; Operative Plasterers; Painters; Plumbers and Pipefitters; Roofers; Sheet Metal Workers; Sprinkler Fitters; Steamfitters; Teamsters; Tile Helpers; Tile Layers; Tile Marble & Terrazzo workers.


Next year the stakes couldn't be higher as the Governor and both houses of the Legislature will appear on the ballot. We have a unique opportunity to elect one of our own as the next Governor... A man who has worked in the trenches as a career Ironworker and later became the highest ranking Democrat in the State Legislature, where he has fought like no one else for the interests of working men and women.


As you may have heard, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop mysteriously ended his campaign for Governor this week and suddenly endorsed mega-millionaire Philip Murphy, who is using his immense personal fortune to try and buy the Democratic nomination.


Just what New Jersey needs -- two Wall Street cronies straight out of the boardrooms of Goldman Sachs teaming up to decide what's best for working class people.


We've been there before, when Goldman Sachs alum Jon Corzine bought the governor's office in 2009 -- and it was an absolute disaster. Corzine nearly ran the state into the ground before being unceremoniously tossed out of office after one term. Wall Street has no business seizing control of New Jersey again.


Let's show Phil Murphy that the Democratic Party's nomination and the governor's office, are NOT for sale.


Before long we will know what kind of deal was cut between Fulop and Murphy. One day Murphy filed a very serious legal complaint against Fulop citing fraud and abuse of his political action committee, and the next they were locked in a public embrace -- the closest of political bedfellows. People are tired of this kind of hypocrisy and double-dealing.


Our state needs a governor like Steve Sweeney who will fight for working class families, not pander to them. Sweeney has spent his career as a labor leader, a county freeholder director, and state Senate President creating jobs and improving wage and health benefits for workers and their families. He is the only prospective candidate who has consistently been there for us.


If the race is between Murphy and Sweeney, it will be a contest between someone who represents the interests of bankers who kept their jobs despite causing so many others to lose theirs and someone who has always

represented the interests of New Jersey's middle class.  The choice couldn't be more clear.


We look forward to seeing you in your communities as we knock doors and motivate our membership to action on behalf of our next Governor, Steve Sweeney.






NJ State Building and Construction Trades Council