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 An Open Letter to Voters of South Jersey


Haddonfield, NJ - Bob Patterson, candidate for congress in New Jersey's First Congressional District, yesterday published a letter to the voters of South Jersey on his Facebook page. Patterson's letter came in response to his ejection on Wednesday from the annual IUOE Local 825 PAC meeting that included candidates from across New Jersey.

In the letter, Patterson expressed disappointment at being the only candidate ejected from the meeting despite the genuine interest union members showed in his plans to bring Jobs to South Jersey.

The text of Patterson's letter follows below and can be seen at


Last evening, I attended -- or tried to attend -- the annual IUOE Local 825 PAC meeting. Candidates from across the state were there: Democrats and Republicans seeking elected office at the local, county, state, and federal levels.


After being there a short time and meeting a number of rank-and-file members, I was asked to leave -- not just the event, but the premises. “Just keep walking,” I was told.


Although it was disappointing to be ejected from a candidates' night, I found rank-and-file members keenly interested in my plans to bring transportation infrastructure and modern manufacturing jobs to South Jersey. Unfortunately, their leadership seemed threatened by my message.


Soon after I announced my candidacy for Congress, I unveiled detailed plans to rebuild South Jersey's economy by


  • bringing Navy shipbuilding to Camden;
  • expanding PATCO to Glassboro as well as to 30th Street Station and Atlantic City;
  • expanding key highway corridors like I-76/NJ42, I-295, US322, and finishing NJ55 to the Shore;
  • creating a modern civilian conservation corps that will provide work experience for young people, particularly in cities where opportunities are few and far between; and
  • only buying and hiring American -- from the raw materials to the finished product -- on every job site.


This was the message I tried to bring to the members of Local 825 last night, but I was turned away.


If you know an operating engineer, a Teamster, an ironworker, or a member of any other trade union that made South Jersey the industrial powerhouse it once was — and could be again with the right political leadership — please share this post with them.


Let the working men and women of South Jersey know that I care first and foremost about bringing Jobs to South Jersey. I'm willing to meet with any trade union to explain my platform. Most importantly, I won't be intimidated by politicians and insiders who are out-of-touch with South Jersey workers and families.


-Bob Patterson

 Congressional Candidate, NJ-01


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Bob Patterson is a candidate for Congress in New Jersey's First Congressional District. A resident of Haddonfield with his wife, Mary Alice, Bob grew up in Cherry Hill. He has never held or run for office before and is running on a platform to bring 50,000 high-paying jobs to South Jersey, to protect American workers, and to guard America from international threats so that it remains a safe place to live, work and raise a family. Learn more about Bob and his campaign at