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Eagles Early Success

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Austin Darrow | CNBNewsnet


The 2016 Philadelphia Eagles wasn’t supposed to start this way. This team had a ton of questions to answer throughout the offseason.

How will Carson Wentz do? How will Doug Pederson do in his first Head Coaching gig? Will the defense be better than expected?

Those were just a few questions being asked before the season. Well through three games, those questions have been answered.

Now they’re stuck with a new question. How will the Eagles handle the early success?

Statistics show that four teams started the same way the Eagles have and ended up making the Super Bowl. Let’s not get too excited yet.

The way Wentz has played and the defense has only given up 3 touchdowns, the 2016 season has proved to be a head scratcher.

This was supposed to be a team with less than 5 wins and a rookie QB who was going to be inactive on game days.

With a bye week already, Pederson has told his players to get away from football and get ready for a long 13 weeks of football.

There’s no doubt Wentz has been the catalyst to the team’s success. Over 100 pass attempts without throwing a pick is incredible for any QB, especially a rookie.

Also connected for 5 touchdowns in just three games into his career. He has certainly quieted the doubters for now.

The support system he has makes his transition a lot easier to the NFL. His chemistry with WR Jordan Matthews is perfect.

Wendell Smallwood and the rest of the running back core has been fantastic. It’s made it easier for Ryan Matthews who was supposed to be the main carrier.

Kenjon Barner and Smallwood have shown they can carry the load as well.

Schwartz’s defense has been stellar. They shut down the high powered offense of Big Ben and Antonio Brown.

The 4-3 defense has helped guys like Brandon Graham become more dominant. With guys being able to rotate in at various positions, the defense is always staying fresh.

Last season the defense was on the field for the most part of the game and lacked the reserves, so they’d be gassed by the second half.

It’s not only helping them stay fresh now, but come weeks 14-17 when they need to play at their best, they’ll be fresh and ready to go.

Schwartz is bringing these guys back to what the Eagles defense used to be under Jim Johnson. They used to be the most feared in the game and I can see them getting back there soon.

Malcolm Jenkins is the catalyst to the defense, has in every play and is the guy they look to for a big play on defense.

Now this team plays Schwartz’s former team the Detroit Lions, with a chance to be 4-0 before they play their first division game against Washington.

I didn’t see the Eagles winning more than 5 games, yet here they are at 3-0 and playoffs are an actual thing to think about for the fans.

This team has gone from a rebuild to a team that can play in January.