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CNB May 2012 ARCHIVES:James Cautions Residents About School and County Tax Increases

PUBLISHED Wednesday, May 09, 2012

“We are proud in keeping a zero increase. Capital improvements, necessary equipment purchases and street repair will continue,” the mayor said.


Reportedly, the city surplus is close to having $1 million left, but appropriations are down by $800,000 this year.

The amounts of uncollected property taxes are up because people are having difficulty in paying, City Council members said.

Mayor James pointed out that an increase in taxes may be forthcoming when the county and school taxes are added into the tax bill.

  Residents Theresa Graham and Louisa Llewellyn asked about the cuts suffered by the Gloucester City library.

  Funds for the library were cut by $100,000 this year.

  Another resident and Library Director Elizabeth Egan both said the library serves every element of the residents, and is actually an extension of the school system.

  Councilman Daniel Spencer, chair of the Finance Committee, and Councilman Nicholas Marchese said the city is proud of the library.

  “All the variables went into the decision for the cuts. The library was sitting on a surplus of $80,000 this year that must be used,” they said.

  “A new HVAC system was installed for which the library used at least half of the surplus monies to help pay for the $160,000 system. We are putting new windows and doors in the library and are purchasing new computers,” council said.

  “The city is going to keep up the grounds and landscaping duties,” Spencer added. “We have a beautiful library and do not want to close it.”

  Mayor James and the governing body agreed.

  In other business several resolutions were approved that authorizes the disposal of surplus property in the Gloucester City Fire Department.

  A 2002 Chevy Blazer, two transfer tanks, a fuel pump, 10 sections of 3.5 inch used fire hose and 33 used fire helmets will be disposed.

  Appointments to the Gloucester City Urban Renewal, Inc. were tabled for further discussion.

  Jess Torres, vice chairman of the Shade Tree Commission, asked if mulch was going to be placed around the planted trees.

  Steve Cianchetti, Supervisor of Public Works, said the mulch is ready to go.



unknown said...

What was wrong with the old windows and doors in the library? Gloucester blows more money on shit we don't need. And what did we need a 2002 Chevy Blazer for??????????? I'm tired of my taxes spent on shit we don't need! Gloucester should sell all the houses they own for $5.00 w/ the rules that the person has to bring it up to code and live in it for at least 5 years. That cuts down on slum lords and empty buildings. The city would get taxes. It's a win win.