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(Part 3)The Numbers Don't Lie:

N.J. Abbott Program Has Been A Failure

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CNBNews Point of View:

 Compiling the information on the Gloucester City Abbott School District one thing that stoodImages-1 out; there are a large number of students in that school system and in other Abbott Districts that continue to fail Reading, English, and Math despite billions of dollars being spent to educate them. 

Plus we found there are many educators in New Jersey who think spending more money on new buildings and expensive extras like a football stadium for an elementary school is the answer to solving the failing grades of students. 

Take, for example, Gloucester City School Superintendent Joseph Rafferty's answers to our questions that appeared in the second part of the CNB report. Asked how he would explain the failing grades in the Gloucester City School District Rafferty said in part,  “Students who live in low socio-economic communities have the constitutional right to a “thorough and efficient” education, not just a “rudimentary” education.”  And he seems not to be worried about the students’ failing grades, “If we look at the current student body and compare them to other districts like ourselves we are doing well.”

We are doing well!!!   

Twenty percent of the students enrolled in the Gloucester City school district don’t graduate. 

We expected something like, “The failing grades are upsetting. Our goal is to have everyone receive a passing grade and graduate.”

Instead,  his answer was more fitting for a politician instead of an educator. 

But that is our opinion. 

Everyone on the Board of Education seems to be satisfied with Mr. Rafferty’s performance. After all, they just renewed his contract in 2015 with a nice raise for three more years despite the fact that in 2014 under his guidance the district had a $5 million budget deficit

We also found it mystifying that there were no records of how much it cost to build the Cold Springs School, renovate the Highland Park School, renovate the M.E. Costello gymnasium etc.  The records for those projects completed between 1994 and 2000 couldn’t be found locally or anywhere in Trenton by the State Department of Education. 

With no one keeping an account on how much things cost, those in charge can, and do, spend your money like there is no tomorrow. 

Governor Christie said, ‘The statewide graduation rate is 90%, with 27 of the 31 Abbott districts falling below that average. Continuing the current school funding formula means allowing failing school districts to spend as much as $33,699 per pupil in tax dollars, while high ­performing school districts spend less than half of that per student. “

According to Christie the state currently gives $9.1 billion in direct support to its school districts. Districts with special education students, and students from low-income families and those who are learning English as their second language receive more funds. For example, of that $9.1 billion about $5.1 billion goes to the 31 SDA districts.”

The costs for educating a Gloucester City student is $23,680.

The numbers don’t lie. 

Only 82 percent of the students in Gloucester High School graduated in 2015 according to a Department of Education report. In 2012 the percentage of students graduating was 87 percent. Instead of improving we are going the opposite way. (see chart below)

Gary Marcucci, a Gloucester High School Alumnus, Class of '60 might have summed it up best, “I have, to be honest, I feel that we continue to throw good money into bad places. Not being an educator I can't fathom why one school district needs more money to accomplish results that still don't match what other school districts do with much less aid.” 




If you would like to take a look at some additional data, the Department of Education has uploaded Performance Reports on its website. Click here.

Related: (Part Two) Gloucester City School Supt. Joseph Rafferty on Christie's Fairness Formula 

Related: (Part One) Gloucester City Schools Have Received Nearly $1 Billion 

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