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CNB April 2012 Archives: Gloucester City School Budget Goes Up $1.7 Million



 photo credit Anne Forline

GLOUCESTER CITY N.J.--Quality Public Speakers - All smiles after doing a great job making presentations about their schools during the recent Gloucester Board of Education meeting are, from left: Charles Stewart of Cold Springs School, Ryan Beswick of Mary Ethel Costello and Raquel Cannon of the Highland Park Program for Success.

SCHOOL BUDGET UP!-The Board approved a $47,641,266 proposed budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year which is $1,795,725 more than last years figure of $45,845,541.

The school budget stayed within the 2 percent cap so voters will not decide on it during the November General Election.

The local tax levy is $3,348,902 -- an increase from last year’s total of $3,283,237 or  $65,665 more than last year.

The state is contributing $29,644,731, up from last year’s total of $28,861,869.

The district also receives $5,181,114 in various grants and entitlements from both the state and federal governments.


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