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Burlington County Mosquito Commission has mosquito prevention tips

With the threat of mosquito borne illnesses, check out the tips below from the Burlington County Mosquito Commission & Health Department. 

Mosquito-Proof Your Yard 



Habitat Checklist 

Use this checklist to help you find and eliminate all the places that mosquitoes breed around your home. Any container that holds water can be a home for mosquito larvae. After 7 days, larvae will emerge as adult mosquitoes. Remember to stay vigilant and to keep containers free of standing water all year long. 





Empty buckets and turn them over. 


Garbage cans and recycling bins 

Drill drainage holes in the bottoms of garbage cans and bins, keep covered and dispose of recycling weekly. 


Tarps, plastic bags and sheets 

Keep tarps tight and refit them if water collects. 





Keep gutters clean and properly pitched. 


Flexible downspout extensions 

Pitch downspout extensions so water drains completely after it rains or replace with a non-flexible extension that is pitched to drain fully. Keep the inside free of debris. 


Leaky hose spigots 

Fix leak or call a professional plumber. 


Decks & Porches 

Make sure to check under decks and porches for containers that may hold water. 




Planter saucers 

Dump the water out every 3-5 days or don’t use a saucer at all. 


Planters without drainage holes 

Drill holes in the bottom of your planter – it’s healthier for your plants. 


Self-watering planters 

Tightly seal the watering hole after adding water. If this is not possible, treat the reservoir water with a Bti* product. The most effective method for preventing mosquitoes is to not use these planters. 



Turn wheelbarrows over or store them on end. If crevices present, check weekly and move to empty any water you find. 


Watering Cans 

Empty and store upside down or in a garage or shed. 


Rain Barrels 

Cover tops of rain barrels with tightly fitted screen. (Use nylon window screen and secure with a bungee cord or other tight elastic.) Mosquitoes will use the overflow hole to get in and lay their eggs; either plug hole or treat with a Bti* product. 


Bird Baths 

Change water at least once a week. 


Ornamental ponds 

Get fish. If that is not an option, you can use Bti* to treat for mosquito larvae. 


Behind the shed & under the shrubs 

Look under bushes and in overlooked spots in the yard and remove debris that can hold water. 


This document was adapted from the Monmouth County Mosquito Control Division. July, 2016 




Portable basketball hoops 

Make sure caps for fill holes are in place; replace if lost. 


Kiddie pools 

Empty or change water in kiddie pools every 5 - 7 days. Be sure to store indoors or turned over when not in use. 


Sand boxes 

Drill small drainage holes in the bottom of your sand box. 


Big plastic toys, wagons, etc. 

Keep toys turned over or inside when not in use. If water can get inside the plastic toy so can a mosquito - drill drainage holes in the bottom. 


Deflated toys 

Drain off water, dry out, and store indoors when not in use. 





Empty all the water possible. If there is water that can’t be emptied, you can treat it with a Bti* product. Cover boats in storage with taut tarps or use boat shrink wrap. 


Jet skis 

Rinse out the foot depressions with a hose every week. Jet skis can be tightly tarped or stored indoors. 


Pools/pool covers 

Treat the pool or pool cover with Bti* in the spring before you open it. If you know of an abandoned home in your neighborhood with an unkempt pool, call the Burlington County Health Department. It may need to be treated or stocked with fish that eat mosquito larvae. 

* A note about Bti - Ideally, keep containers dry or discard if unneeded. If you do need to treat for mosquito larvae in a container, use the low impact pesticide Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis). It is available at many hardware stores, pond supply stores and online. Bti effectively targets mosquito larvae. It can be purchased as a granule, briquette, or liquid. Be sure to choose a product that is registered with the US EPA, labeled to use for mosquito larva. Closely follow the directions on the label. You may only use these products on your property; 


if you see a source of standing water elsewhere, call the Burlington County Division of Mosquito Control. 

Contact Information Burlington County Health Department – Reporting stagnant/abandoned pools Phone: 609-265-5548 Burlington County Division of Mosquito Control – Reporting stagnant water and other mosquito issues or Phone: 609-265-5064


Township of Moorestown Police Department

1245 N Church St

Moorestown, NJ 08057


Emergency: 9-1-1 

Non-emergencies: 856-234-8300