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6a00d8341bf7d953ef012875bab088970cBROOKERS PLAY FOR STATE TITLE TONIGHT—Brooklawn American Legion Post 72 will play Flemington Post 159 for the state championship today, at 6 PM at Moody Park, Ewing, Mercer County. This is the third time in five years the two state baseball powerhouse programs played for the coveted crown, according to 

TALK ON THE STREET—CNBNews  received a Tip yesterday about the Brooklawn School District moving their students from Gloucester City high school to another district.

The Tip reads,

“There's a "rumor" going around that the Brooklawn Board of Education had a quiet meeting in July that wasn't even on the meeting schedule (which I thought was illegal not to post?).   It is my understanding that they formed a committee to review what high school the Brooklawn students will have to go to (in place of GHS no longer being an option) and the high school they are pushing for is Haddon Heights.    Not only will the already high taxes of Brooklawn go up for school taxes, but it may very well go up again for Gloucester losing students.  Some board members say it's only a rumor.  To me, if a committee is formed, then it's already on their agenda to push for this. The next Brooklawn BOE meeting is scheduled for August 18th at the municipal building (attached to the police station).  If this is just a "rumor" maybe they should state it for the record in front of the taxpayers.”

Today the individual said a staff member at Gloucester High School said an administrator confirmed the rumor.

“Received info from a staff member at GHS, who had confirmation from an admin.  She said Brooklawn Board of Education has already sent a request to Gloucester Board of Education to terminate their partnership with Brooklawn kids going there.” 

Brooklawn sends about 80 students each year to the Gloucester City Jr.Sr. High School and pays over a million dollars annually to Gloucester City for those students.   According to documents received from a CNBNews OPRA (Open Public Records Act) request Brooklawn paid $1,087,960 (in 2015), $1,392,701 (in 2014) and $1,530,053 (in 2013).

 Asked about the gossip Dr. John Kellmayer, Brooklawn Superintendent of Schools  said, “Brooklawn is not leaving GHS. I think there is virtually no chance that the sending-receiving relationship between Brooklawn and Gloucester will change. The matter was discussed at the July 21 Board caucus meeting, which was advertised. The Brooklawn Board has not met with any other district about this issue.”

“Again,I believe that  there is virtually no chance that the relationship between Brooklawn and Gloucester City will change.” 

BROOKLAWN AMBULANCE UPDATE—The Brooklawn Ambulance Emergency Service is still not operating. It was shut down on June 6 by mayor and council because of several issues.

Earlier this month Ryan Giles explained the reason (s) .“It was taken out of service for internal reasons which will be discussed tonight in a committee meeting between council and squad officers and members.  Mayor and council were concerned about the ambulance response to calls. There were times volunteers were in the firehouse when calls were received but for some reason, they didn’t respond. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Council decided to take them offline until they could investigate further. There has been a collection of issues prior to that but that is internal stuff.”

Giles said today, “Nothing has changed. Mayor and council haven’t made a decision as of yet. “

In June the Borough asked the Bellmawr Ambulance to provide service to the community with the Lourdes Ambulance from Gloucester City named as the secondary provider.

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ET CETERA--The state Little League tournament begins tonight in Gloucester ImgresCity at the Little League complex, Johnson Blvd. and Nicholson Road. The winner moves on to regionals in Connecticut. 

 Gloucester City Little League to Host 2016 State Tournament