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Memorial Day, A Time to Remember

Democrat Congressional Candidate Alex Law Endorsed by the Philadelphia Inquirer


First, I must say that this would not have happened if not for the tireless work 6a00d8341bf7d953ef014e892e7473970d-320wihere at Law Campaign HQ by Alice, Matt, Matt, Max, and Avi. They are an unstoppable team that I would put up against anyone, anytime. 

Getting this endorsement is extremely special because the Inquirer is an independent news agency with unquestionable integrity. When they weighed the facts of this election and considered the two people running, they made the courageous decision to do the right thing. It is an incredible rarity that a major newspaper endorses a challenger to an incumbent in a primary, and I am overwhelmed with pride for this team that we have been able to yet again beat the odds. 


Here is the link, incase you want to share it with friends in the district!


But, we must remember that the most important odds for us to beat come on June 7th. We are so very close to winning this election. So close in fact that we have driven the powerful Norcross Machine to run out of money: Mr. Norcross had to make an 85,000 contribution to his campaign this week to keep it afloat. 


The power of people standing together is a wonderful thing. One more week. Let's do this!