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"Camden is not the only city in Camden county who needs support,"  Gloucester City Police Chief George Berglund 

Dear Resident:

                Over the past several years the Gloucester city Police Department like other communities has had to deal with dwindling resources and the loss of manpower.  One way to overcome these issues has been to apply for various grants to offset the costs for services to the taxpayers.  We have been aggressively applying for several grants to help us maintain our manpower.  We are currently down five officers from a total of thirty.  Our calls for services have increased and as you can see our manpower has decreased approximately 17%.  The officers have stepped up to the plate big time and have  been patient and supportive in our endeavors to bring the staffing level back up.  I could not be more proud of the men and women under my command for the job that they have been doing.  

               We have applied for both the COPS MORE grant, which is a federal grant and the UEZ grant which is a state grant.  We were successful in the UEZ grant that I wrote, however, we have struck out on the federal grant each year.  We have spent a considerable amount of time and resources to apply for the federal grant and I feel that we are not on a level playing field due to the competition from Camden.  Camden has gotten the grant for each of the past two years and the other towns in Camden county have been largely shut out.  Camden has received approximately 30 million dollars.  This is very unfair because it is my belief that there is no way we can compete fairly with Camden.  I have personally given Congressman Andrews a letter explaining my frustration and have delivered letters to both United States Senators expressing my disappointment with the process.

                We have been very aggressive in trying to secure funding to hire officers and we continue to get shut out even though we are told each year we should get funding.  I am asking each resident to call or email their Congressman and Senator’s Office to express disappointment in the lack of funding for Gloucester city.  Let them know that Camden is not the only city in Camden county who needs support.  We have had a spillover of crime from Camden. During the past year we have had two shootings and in both instances, the actors were from Camden.  I am asking for your support to go along with the letters and emails I have written.  I believe that by working together we can get someone to listen to us.  I have supplied various contacts for you to use.  I thank you in advance for your support in our efforts to secure funding for Gloucester city and let them know that we deserve the same attention as Camden.


George Berglund

Chief of Police


Gloucester City Police Department

313 Monmouth St.

Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Office  856-456-0408

Fax        856-456-3682

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