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published Saturday, November 05, 2011

Things exploded yesterday when a glossy professionally produced mailer began showing up in voters mailboxes from of all candidates, the Independent. While mailers in an election year are not unusual the "Paid for by" on the mailer was of curious concern to many. Gloucester Township Citizens for Responsible Government paid thousands of dollars to spread the word of the underfunded and lesser known Independent. The curious concern was that GT Citizens for Responsible Government is a Democrat political action committee (PAC) chaired by former GT mayor, Democrat chairman and current executive of the CCMUA Herman Englebert. Why would the Democrats be doing this for this Independent you ask? Good question.

It looks like the Democrats have seized on the hysteria of the local Republicans that this is a "spoiler" candidate placed there by the Democrats to pull critical votes from the Republican candidates. The problem with that theory is that it is false. Now instead of attacking the Democrats on their dismal fiscal record of over a decade the Republicans are now focusing in on the "spoiler" issue and have derailed their campaign against the Democrats. Score one for a savvy Democrat operative who knew this would be the result.

The Republicans need to focus in on the fraud being perpitrated on the voters and make that the issue. Continue their campaign against the tax and spend incumbenmts and move their real agenda forward. As I told the press, this is pure hockum designed to distract and confound. The Camden County Democrat Machine is very good at this and the result is continued voter apathy and a refusal to become involved by regular citizens. These people are feckless.

Read the Gloucester Township Patch article.

Seems that the Courier Post is not that interested in reporting the REAL political new in South Jersey unless you are a Republican embroiled in a sex scandal. Ask Phil Mitsch and Chris Myers. 

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Tom Crone
Executive Director
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