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The Pet Project Works to Keep Pets and Their People Together

by Anne Forline

Does the Pet Project also provide fostering services?

In the past, before people found out about us, they wouldn’t have a procedure done or wouldn’t have an operation because they wouldn’t leave their pet alone. When our clients go into the hospital or need surgery or any kind of hospitalization, we foster pets for them. We also foster and adopt when our clients pass away.

How do people find you?

A lot of the local vets have our information. We have a pilot program going on with the Animal Care of Broward, where they suggest us if people fit our criteria or are thinking of surrendering their pets.

How many volunteers do you have?

About 70.

How does the Pet Project raise money?

When someone asks me about the project, they usually ask how we raise money. That’s always something that comes up. I tell them we write grants. Maybe close to half of what we need to bring in comes from grants, which is wonderful. But it’s not easy because things change every year. We always have to find new foundations to help support our cause. We have a few really cool fundraisers that are annual, and we are always soliciting donations from individuals and from anyone who wants to help out; we also have an email list and newsletters.

When I make a presentation and I am asked to talk about the Pet Project, I tell this anecdote, which is based on a true story:

It’s Monday morning, and I have a doctor’s appointment. My doctor sits down and gives me the results of my blood test and tells me I have HIV. I am devastated. Who are my friends? Who do I have? I have my pet at home, and it’s my best friend. That’s all I have.

So many people are left in that situation. So many are alone, and all they have is their pet. Your pet is your best friend and your family member. It’s a win-win situation when a person can keep their pet.


Volunteers help with the Pet Project in many ways. (Photo courtesy The Pet Project)