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CNB BUSINESS: Area Co. Delivers New Serum to Combat Skin Aging from Air-Borne Pollutants

For Immediate Release:


                 News of a first-time skin care serum to help prevent skin damage from airborne pollutants has just been made public by the president of the skin care firm that developed the new serum.

                Steve Strassler, founder and president of Reviva Labs, Haddonfield, N.J., made the announcement on a Philadelphia radio show, "Lifestyles", WWDB-860AM.

                The new facial serum features higher potency Vitamin C, plus other major antioxidants. Also EMBLICA, a plant antioxidant discovered to offset pollution's "nitrogen free radicals" providing pollutions unprotected by the well-known traditional antioxidants.

                Emblica has been found to combat, for all skin types, harmful nitrogen free radicals emanating from vehicle exhausts, factories, cigarette smoke as well as radiation from the sun.

                Reviva's chemists claim the new serum may be the only facial daytime moisturizer that negates both oxygen and nitrogen free radicals. Daily usage under one's day cream is recommended.

                It is called, "Vitamin C + Antioxidant Serum", introducing Emblica.

                The 1-oz. serum bottle will soon be available to the public nationally in Health Food Stores and Beauty Stores.

                For free, additional information see, or call 1-800-257-7774.