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Letters to the Editor: Instead of Fleeing, Why Don't Refugees and Illegals Fight for their Country?


With much turmoil in our country in regards to illegals, and then also "refugee's" we are all considering many differing thoughts about many differing issues. Noted is the big difference between an "illegal" and a "refugee" and their intended goals. The question that begs to be asked is the motive of either one an honorable one? It has been said many times that an illegal has entered into our country seeking a better life, work and opportunities. Crime statistics, drug trafficking, and gang activity might indicate this motive is debatable indeed. A refugee it can be argued is seeking asylum, a safe haven from an enemy, tyranny, or oppression and death. 

In contrast, let me ask this question. Why have we never seen "American refugee's" fleeing and seeking asylum and a safe haven from enemies, dangers, and peril? It's because historically Americans did not run away, they stood up and fought back. When I see media images of these refugees, many who appear to be able-bodied young men, hiding in and among women and children, and begging for a place of refuge because they are unwilling to fight for their right to exist or unwilling to defend their own I can't help but consider that perhaps they are victims or nothing more than their own cowardice. 

Americans learned early on in history, freedom, independence, and the right to exist was not a cheap proposition. Americans have always been ready, willing, and able to fight and even die defending that right and have always done so. American have fought and died to defend that right not only for themselves but for other nations as well. Able-bodied American soldiers have willingly given their lives to defend that right for humanity. When I see able bodied "refugees" unwilling to make that same sacrifice for their own sake, and hiding among their families and children it is a shameful and cowardly thing to see. 

Many are questioning our thoughts in regards to a harsh hand toward illegals and refugees as it gives the appearance of having no compassion. Before you question that the seeming lack of compassion consider the reasons behind it and consider the consequences of it. Illegals entering our country to commit crimes and murder and fleeing back to their own country are exempt from the law making them an extreme danger to our citizens. Refugee's showing the worst kind of cowardice are also a threat to our citizens and society as it simply Americans will have to die for their sake once again due to their unwillingness to stand up. 

When you're trying to help someone, who will not help themselves....you are no longer helping them, you are carrying them. 

Earl Foster