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NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Beau Dietl & Associates is one of the world's leading private investigator firms. The company assists private clients, corporations and attorneys with high-stakes investigations related to financial fraud, asset searches, employee background screening, and other surveillance services.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, approximately 20 people are abused by their partner every minute. No matter your ethnicity, age, or gender, domestic violence and abuse can occur within any relationship and needs to be taken seriously. Bo Dietl warns of 7 signs that domestic abuse may be happening to your or a loved one:

You feel afraid and/or unsafe around your partner.
Your partner makes you feel helpless, guilty, and/or humiliated.
Your partner denies their actions and blames you for them.
Your partner ignores you, puts you down, or belittles your accomplishments.
Your partner destroys your belongings or prevents you from contacting them.
Your partner is controlling and acts possessive over you or your belongings.
Your partner threatens you either verbally or nonverbally.
Just because a partner may not be physically assaulting you does not mean they are not harming you in other ways. Violence and abuse can take many forms including physical, mental, or emotional. Never hesitate to reach out or speak up if you are in need of relationship help.

Beau Dietl & Associates is a premier private investigation company based in New York City with offices in New Jersey, Florida, and California. With more than 30 years of service in the private investigations and security sector, our company differentiates itself from others by one word—experience.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and thorough investigations, along with personalized service to exceed clients' needs. As an internationally recognized firm, Beau Dietl & Associates maintains a global network of investigative and security-based resources.

BDA has been retained by countless law firms throughout the country, and has assisted these firms and their clients in a variety of cases including asset searches, lifestyle profiles, matrimonial disputes, process service, interviews, witness location, and more. Beau Dietl & Associates will strive to provide you with the same quality of excellence on which we have built our brand.


SOURCE Beau Dietl & Associates