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CNB Pet Tip of the Week: Types of Training

by Dawn Watson | CNBNewsnet 

In the storeThere are several types of pet dog obedience training and their differences are significant.

   As a professional dog trainer I use a method called positive reinforcement training. That is, when a dog responds to a command appropriately I reward the dog with praise, a toy, or perhaps a treat. Owners are taught to use facial expression and body language as the training progresses.

   Some trainers use the negative punishment theory of training. That is, they ignore a dog until he does the appropriate thing or take something away from the dog (including companionship) if the dog does not respond to a command.

   Another method of training is called positive punishment. This type of training includes physical corrections, electric collars, water and/or citronella sprays, and other forms of physical punishment.

   If you are looking for a professional dog trainer be aware of the differences. Ask your prospective trainer which method he or she uses in training; the differences are huge.

   Our summer puppy and young dog classes are continuing! On Saturday, August 8, we’ll be teaching our dogs the ‘stay’ command and how to achieve the perfect recall (having your dog come each and every time you call him!) We will also be reviewing the following commands: sit, polite leash walking, down, and leave it. On August 15 your dog will graduate with a diploma if you’ve attended 3 out of 4 classes!

   If you have questions about this or any other dog related issue please give us a call at 856.981.8957. We are located at 700 Market Street in Gloucester CityNJ.

 Pictured: Brother of the Wolf's Call of the Wild class meets at a pet store in Haddonfield. This class will be presented in September!

Wado udohiyu, (thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson


Brother of the Wolf, LLC