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CNB SPORTS: Why America Offers Young Athletes Better Opportunities than Anywhere Else

 (CNBNEWSNET)--All over the world, there are talented young people with their hearts set on a Basketball 05career in sport. For many of them, once they finish high school, the ideal is to get a sports scholarship to a US college, which is why companies that help match talent up to American colleges, such as asmscholarships.com , fill an important role. 

There are strong sports leagues and competitive athletics meets all over the world, and for some sports like soccer, it can be argued that the US has a weaker infrastructure for aspiring stars than other places like the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. However, even for teens who want to get into these kinds of sports, if they also want a college education then the US is still the best option.

Here, we look at why America is different:

The Problems of Studying and Pursuing a Sport Career Elsewhere

In many places, pursuing a career in sport is seen as something a young person might do instead of going to university, or may attempt to do at the same time, but separately. In the UK, for example, the biggest sport is soccer, but very few professional soccer players in the top flight have a degree. This is because their careers begin very early, with some especially talented youngsters playing for internationally renowned soccer teams, as well as the national team, when they are as young as 16. By the time they are old enough to start college, their careers are already established and they would not be free to go to university even if they wanted to. 

In less well paid sports, athletes may play for college teams, but the culture of supporting those teams is almost non-existent – they can't make a name for themselves. They may therefore try and train and compete professionally while they are studying, but this can be difficult because the infrastructure is not there to support this, and usually either their studies or their training will have to give. 

$_57College Sports in the USA

In America, support for college athletes is huge, with college sports games being televised and attended by huge crowds. People get very involved, even if they didn't attend the college themselves, buying merchandise and turning up for their local school's teams or athletes. College athletes can become famous on a local or even national level, and attract the attention of scouts. All of this is fully supported by their schools, and they can gain their degree at the same time.

Attracting Talent

It is easy to see then why from the perspective of a young aspiring athlete who doesn't want to miss out on getting a college education, but really wants the best chance at their sporting career, America offers something completely unique. This benefits the schools, the people who get to watch these future stars do their thing, and of course the athletes themselves.

There are many reasons to be proud of America's colleges, but their approach to developing sporting talent is a significant one!