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Sweeney’s pension scheme is great ’cause then he doesn’t need to actually do anything

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

This one shouldn’t require much explanation, Save Jerseyans.

Not content to rule only New Jersey’s future, gubernatorial aspirant and incumbent Senate President Steve Sweeney is in the news today after floating a “plan” for a trillion dollar, multi-state bailout of our country’s many under-capitalized state-based public pension systems. “We are glad that Senate President Sweeney continues to explore every possible option for helping New Jersey responsibly meet its pension obligations,” chimed in NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer.

sweeneyEvery “option” except for those that would fix the root problems, of course.

Which is convenient for Trenton’s elites. Sweeney’s plan doesn’t require them to do a damn thing other than what they already do best… shift blame and put their hands out!

No hard choices need to be made. No adult discussions or real reform.

Until the next crisis?

Keep in mind that this crisis is one of their own making. We’ve already tried paying debt with MORE debt and it doesn’t work. No one ever pays! And the liabilities pile up. “In 2001, government employees and teachers benefits were ...