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Harry J. Neher Sentenced to 40 Years for Murdering Sabrina Bullock

40 Yrs NJSP in ’12 Woodbury murder Unknown

WOODBURY NJ --Harry J. Neher (DOB 1/19/80), of Woodbury NJ was sentenced today  (7/10) to 40 years in New Jersey state prison following his conviction by a jury in the 2012 strangulation and beating death of 41-year-old Woodbury resident Sabrina Bullock.

In imposing a sentence in excess of the “presumptive” 30 year prison term, Superior Court Judge Robert P. Becker said the “aggravating factors” in the case “substantially outweigh” the mitigating factors that would favor leniency for Neher.

Neher had four prior felony convictions,  Judge Becker said,  and carried out the murder in “cruel or depraved manner,” using an electrical cord from a keyboard left wrapped around Bullock’s neck where she was found 12/30/12 in a clothing donation shed behind Neher’s Broad Street residence. Neher had a home computer repair business and had done work for Bullock.

“I feel the pain of the victims. I witnessed their pain,”  the judge said of Bullock’s family, who attended Neher’s trial. He also sentenced Neher to concurrent 18-month prison sentences for tampering with evidence, hindering prosecution and possession of  weapon for an unlawful purpose. He will be ineligible for parole for 30 years.

Assistant Gloucester County Prosecutor Alec Gutierrez, who presented the case against Neher, including DNA evidence from his clothing, called the murder a “most heinous and vicious act” and said a life sentence would be appropriate. A jury convicted Neher May 5.

Sabrina Bullock’s mother, Maggie Bullock, addressed the court, saying her family, including Sabrina’s teenage daughter,  was devastated by the slaying.  Family friend Anna Miller said Sabrina was “everyone’s best friend.”