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GTPD Community Bulletin: What Residents Should Know About Solicitors

The Gloucester Township Police Department (GTPD) would like all residents to be vigilant about reporting solicitors going door-to-door in the township who do not comply with the Municipal Code or appear suspicious. Solicitors are required to possess and carry an identification card issued by the Township. Never hesitate to contact the GTPD if you are suspicious of someone in your neighborhood who is soliciting.  Especially, if they are being pushy or aggressive; be sure to call the GTPD non–emergency number 856-228-4500 or if an emergency situation thendial 9-1-1. 

Call the Police Department at 856-228-4500 to report anyone going door-to-door who: 

• Does not have a Identification Card, with their picture, issued from Gloucester Township.

 • Claim to be selling a product or raising money to benefit a program or charity, but have limited supplies or information on the product or program. If they seem surprised you answered the door and have a story that does not seem to make sense. This can either be a scam or someone casing the area seeing who is home and who is not to commit a burglary or other crime.

 • Pressure you to “act now” or to let them in the house. 

• Claim to be from a utility company, the Township of Gloucester, or other well-known organization requesting to be admitted into the house to inspect or check something, or request you to accompany them outside to “help” them inspect something. When on location utility and Township employees WILL have agency issued, picture ID and importantly WILL wait for you to verify their identity with the company. 

A resident should ask to see the solicitor’s license if the resident intends to conduct business with them.  A solicitor’s license is not an endorsement of the company as reputable, but they took the time to conduct business within the confines of the Township’s Municipal Code.

If a company is legitimate they should gladly show you their paperwork and not be aggressive.  If a solicitor or unexpected visitor comes by your home at late hours of the night, please be cautious.  There is never a reason to open your door to challenge someone for their license or identification.  Do not jeopardize your safety by opening your door.

Do feel free to yell through the door that you are not interested, and at the same time you are telling them that someone is home.  Make it known if outside and solicitors are around that you and your neighbors are watching.  Sometimes that alone will deter those who may have ulterior motives, such as criminal activity, for being in the neighborhood.

Lastly, if safely possible try to get a decent description and a direction of travel to inform the police. There have been incidents where residents reported hearing the doorbell ring but chose not to answer, and then found the “solicitor” walking into their backyard and trying to open a back window or door.  It is important to call the GTPD right away, trust your instincts, and not to hesitate. The more information you can provide to the call taker the better to assist the police in locating and determining if the subjects in question are working legally in the area.

Gloucester Township Police Department
1261 Chews Landing Road
Clementon, NJ 08021