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Allahu Akbar: What the lowering of the Confederate flag is REALLY about - Allen B. West



You remember Elibiary, right?  He was appointed by President Obama and retained a position with the Department of Homeland Security Council until he was sent packing after some unfortunate turns of events regarding things like the Muslim Brotherhood, tweeting that the return of Sharia law is inevitable, and getting caught borrowing classified materials and downloading them to his own computer.  Even though he is gone from DHS, he’s still keeping a grip on America! 

As Weasel Zippers continues:

Let no one mistake what is being said here, and what this controversy is about, as the former advisor spells out the point very simply. It’s not about the flag, but about federal control.

Anyone else sensing a trend these days, with the recent Supreme Court decision to force gay marriage on all 50 states and now this? (Never mind the small detail that it was, in this case, the state legislature that voted to remove the flag; Elibiary, nonetheless, points to a dangerous momentum sweeping our nation.)



Link submitted by John Branin/Florida